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    Thumb aortic aneurysm
    Design of an adjunctive stent to preserve renal perfusion
    Current minimally invasive stentgrafts are unsuited to patients with suprarenal abdominal aortic aneurysms (AAA), as they prohibit renal perfusion. An adjunctive stent which can be deployed through the fenestrations of an AAA stentgraft will maintain its position in vivo and enable blood flow to the kidneys. This device should be designed with currently approved fenestrated AAA stentgrafts to enable a quick path to market.
    Robbie Gaul Bruce Murphy
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    Thumb pic stingray
    A novel minimally invasive device for the treatment of coronary artery chronic total occlusions (CTOs)
    Morality due to myocardial infarctions in the presence of CTOs is ten fold higher than in cases where there is no pre-existing occlusion. Successful treatment of CTOs using current treatment techniques is highly operator dependent and can carry significant adverse effects such as vessel puncture and subsequent intraprocedural death. The development of a novel device could empower less experienced clinicians to achieve more favourable outcomes in CTO percutaneous coronary interventions (PCI...
    Alix Whelan TrĂ­ona Lally