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Biocompatible Shin-Guards for Elderly Patients

Clinical Problem: The elderly members of the community are the most at risk of falling. A number of complications can result from a fall, such as bone fracture or breaking. However, a potentially preventable complication associated with this event is serious skin abrasions- which is currently an unmet clinical need. These wounds can often be detrimental to the patient and potentially even fatal. The cost for the patient is also extremely high- approximately 10 000 (operation and 5 day hospital stay). Due to the natural effects of ageing, the skin surface of an elderly individual’s shin is thinner and more fragile than a younger counterpart. Combined with reduced mobility, this makes such a cohort more susceptible to falling with serious consequences.  However, the use of a biocompatible shin guard could possibly prevent this from occurring, and improve patient quality of life. This device should seamlessly and comfortable integrate with the user, manufactured from an antimicrobial material, and readily available in pharmacies or through GPs. There are currently no devices or technologies available to prevent or tackle this clinical need.


  • Consult with healthcare professionals/surgeons
  • Define value propositon
  • Identify cost-benefit-analysis
  • Characterise User Needs
  • Assess Regulatory Approval Avenue
  • Conduct Market Research

Timeline: 2018-01-01

Tags: Antimicrobial Elderly Shin-guards Biocompatible Preventative Comfortable Skin Wound Abrasion


For a number of reasons, elderly individuals are more at risk of falling or damaging  their shins than younger patients. Due to the fragile nature of their skin, and reduced recovery capability, damaging skin on the shin can have serious consequences for the patient. The area can become infected, develop septicaemia and may even result in fatal outcomes. If repair with a skin graft is possible within a reasonable timeframe, it is a very expensive treatment; costing up to 10 000 including operation and hospital stay. However, wearing a biocompatible shin guad would prevent any skin abrasions from occurring,

Biocompatible Shin-Guards for Elderly Patients

Started by Alix Whelan
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Alix Whelan

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