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Title Scholar

Engineers Ireland sponsored scholarships provide promising engineering undergraduates with hands-on experience of research and product development during their summer break, with the aim of developing an engineering solution to the clinical need identified on the Irish Bioengineering Innovation Forum.

Scheme details

Career stage: Undergraduate

Where will the scholarship be based: A 3rd level academic institution in the Republic of Ireland

Type of researcher: Engineer

Level of funding: Stipend of €250 a week, €750 in research consumables

Duration of funding: 6 to 8 weeks

Application Deadlines

Opening Date: 27th January 2019

Closing Date: 31st May 2019

Application Form

Ibif Summer Scholarship Application Form

For more details, please see Ibif Summer Scholarship Additional Info or contact


In addition to a funded scholarship opportunity provided by ibif, there is a wide variety of research funding available from both national and international bodies. These organisations aim to advance the research and development of potentially commercially viable technologies and should be explored to enable further advancement of technologies founded through ibif. Many different routes available to achieve this, for example establishment of a spin-out company, or transfer of technology to an existing company. The acceptance criteria and terms of each funding agency can be found on their websites, with helpful links and summaries provided below:

Commercial Case Feasibility Support

This funding support is very applicable to technologies founded through ibif. Eligible for researchers, in partnership with their Technology Transfer office, this programme offers funding for a short feasibility project (up to 3 months) to assess the commercial case for the proposed technology (typically be €10,000 to €15,000).Typically following the completion of this programme, fundees will apply for the Commercialisation Fund Programme.

Commercialisation fund

This programme funds the development of technologies at all stages of commercialisation. It is available for projects that address a need in the market, which ideally will be ready for licensing in 2-5 years.

New Frontiers Entrepreneur Development Programme

This programme is designed to support entrepreneurs with innovative business ideas, seeking to establish their own company. Therefore, this funding is more applicable to technologies in advanced stages of commercialisation. This support includes mentoring, an incubation space and a €15,000 scholarship.

HPSU- High Potential Start Up

Those at the feasibility stage are eligible to apply for this support. It is suited to those technologies which have high potential upon commercialisation. This programme also aids in the development of an Investor Ready Business Plan. Eligible costs incluse salaries, consultancy fees and prototype costs.

Innovation Voucher

Innovation vouchers are valued at €5,000, and available to assist early stage companies to work with a registered college to solve a technical problem (note: a CRO number is required)

SFI Irish Fellowship programme:

(for non-SFI funded researchers): the individual must hold a contract with an eligble research body. The applicant should be at a natural break between projects or nearing the end of their contract, as they must be able to take between 12-36 months away from work to focus on the proposed research.

Also particularly applicable to those involved in ibif is the “Cleveland Clinic and Enterprise Ireland Clinical Innovation Award”

This award aims to support clinicians in Ireland in translating their ideas into available technologies in healthcare. Projects from early right through to advanced stages are eligible to receive this award, where the applicant must be a healthcare professional/clinician, where the innovation must not already be contained within a company.