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BioInnovate Ireland Partnership

IBIF is delighted to announce a partnership with the BioInnovate Ireland program.

BioInnovate is a unique style of programme, combining multiple disciplines and institutions, as well as academics, clinicians and industry, to foster an environment of innovation and creativity, strengthen the Medtech sector in Ireland, and Irelands presence in the international market. The impetus for development of this specialist training programme emerged from both the Innovation Taskforce Report (section 8.5) and the Fórfás report on Future Skills Needs of the Irish Medical Devices Sector 2007-2013. Both made recommendations on how to embed product design teaching and research in Irish Universities, and how to shift design education to a model where creativity and innovation are encouraged, with the Fórfás Report making particular reference to the Stanford Biodesign programme. Bioinnovate Ireland, a Medical Device Innovation Programme based on the Biodesign programme at Stanford was developed to address this need with the firm support of the Irish MedtechAssociation (IMA) and Enterprise Ireland (EI). BioInnovate aims to harness clinical, academic and industry expertise to train leaders in medical device innovation, train the next generation of medtech entrepreneurs, and build on the existing infrastructure of the medical device eco-system to foster and deliver innovation within existing and emerging companies in the sector.

BioInnovate Ireland is a novel medical technologies innovation programme. The programme is lead from NUI Galway and operates in conjunction with the academic partners University of Limerick and University College Cork (coordinated within Health Innovation Hub Ireland). Support for the programme comes from Enterprise Ireland, the Irish Medical Devices Association and EIT Health, and companies including Boston Scientific, Medtronic, Creganna-Tactx Medical, Steripack, Lake Region Medical and Ernst and Young. Formed in 2011, BioInnovate marked the completion of its fifth year in May 2016 and is currently operating the 6th cycle of the programme.

The focus of BioInnovate is to employ needs led innovation to foster the formation of new start-up companies, and support and encourage research in the indigenous and multinational companies in the medtech sector. The model used in BioInnovate combines design thinking and entrepreneurship. This approach originated in the Stanford D-School, and was further honed in the Stanford Biodesign Programme. BioInnovate have employed this model in the Irish and European ecosystem, and are currently the only programme in the world that are official affiliates of the Stanford progamme. The needs led focus of the model ensures innovations emerging from it are validated clinical problems that are responding to a market pull rather than a technology push.


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Posted by Admin on February 7, 2018