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Ivor Geoghegan

Engineer (Biomedical Engineering PhD Student)

NUI Galway

Ivor was awarded a Bachelor of Science degree specialising in Human Anatomy at NUI Galway in 2011. He worked for two years in the medical device sector (Lake Region Medical) before returning to NUI Galway to complete an MSc in Biomedical Science in 2015 at NUI Galway. He is undertaking a PhD in Biomedical Engineering entitled “Investigations into bone and cartilage cell mechanosensory mechanisms” under the supervision of Prof. Laoise McNamara in the Mechanobiology and Medical Devices Research Group (MMDRG) in the Discipline of Biomedical Engineering at NUI Galway and Dr. David Hoey in the Trinity Centre for Bioengineering at Trinity College Dublin.

Twittter: @IvorGeoghegan