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Dr. Damien Kiernan

Clinician (Clinical Specialist Engineer)

Central Remedial Clinic, Clontarf, Dublin 3

Dr. Damien Kiernan, BE, MSc, PhD, is a Clinical Specialist Engineer in Movement Analysis based at the CRC, Dublin. Dr. Kiernan obtained his B.E (Electronic and Computer) from NUI Galway and his MSc from the Trinity Centre for Bioengineering, TCD, where he designed a device to measure proprioception deficit in the hand. After completing his MSc, Dr. Kiernan joined the CRC as a Clinical Engineer in the Gait Laboratory. In addition to his engineering and clinical work at the CRC, he completed his doctorate where he examined the mechanical impact of excessive movement on the spine during gait in children with Cerebral Palsy (CP), helping to establish a service for trunk and spinal assessment during gait. His current research focus is on the assessment of children with adolescence idiopathic scoliosis in addition to the assessment of surgical techniques used on children with CP.

Publications: Link to google scholar